Sometimes it feels difficult to access our own inner wisdom. A reading can provide clarity and insight into the energy, patterns and belief systems that are shaping your life's issues.

How it works

As a spirit in a body, you hold information in your system as energy. When you know how your energy is influencing your current behavior, decisions and lifestyles, you will be able to make more conscious choices.

A reading is done by readers who are trained in the process of clairvoyance (clear seeing). The readers are students or graduates of the Clairvoyant Training Program, or by request a staff member. The reader will ask if you have specific questions or issues you would like information about. If you do not have a question, the reader will give a general reading, looking at your body, spirit and aura.

All readings are followed by a healing, which helps an individual find a point of balance in body, mind and spirit. A reading can facilitate positive and purposeful changes.

We will record your reading for an additional $5.00 charge. Digital files are transferred to CDs and mailed to you. Please feel free to bring your own recording device or record your own reading if it is a long distance reading.

Readings last approximately two hours, and can be performed at the school or by phone. An appointment is required, call (415) 643-8800 or email for more info.

Student readings

The students in our Clairvoyant Program, with staff supervision, perform these general readings. Receive an overview of any topics that you specify, and finish with a healing.

Absentee readings

A reading can be given to an individual that isn't physically present at the school, or someone other than yourself. Simply email us, answering the questions outlined below. The reading will be recorded and a CD will be sent via U.S. Mail or a file can be emailed through Dropbox. Please allow for 7-10 days for arrival after the reading.

  • Full name of the person having the reading
  • Age of the person
  • Location where the person lives
  • Issue(s) for readers that you want to get information about - please be as specific as possible
  • Mailing address for CD or email for a file to be sent through Dropbox
  • Your phone number
  • Upon completion, please e-mail the information to psychic@psychichorizons.com
  • Then pay the $65 fee by PayPal (see links on right) or mail a check to the address below:
    Psychic Horizons
    972 Valencia Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110

Specialty readings

Students performing a reading

A specialty reading will focus on a specific area of interest. The main part of the reading is done by a graduate of the Clairvoyant Program or by students in the advanced clairvoyant class. Below is a list of the types of specialty readings available.

  • Professional This is a general reading performed by a graduate of the Clairvoyant Program.
  • Male or female Are you comfortable with yourself as a male or female? Is your information about who you are as a male or a female your own, or someone else's? This reading will answer those types of questions.
  • Money Look at where you are on your path in relationship to money. Your ability to create and/or have money is directly connected to your beliefs about the physical plane.
  • Health Everything begins on an energetic level, even our health issues. Look at the patterns and beliefs that may be affecting you physically.
  • Relationship Do you have communication or trust issues in a relationship? What is your agreement or contract between you and the other person as Spirit? Look at the origins of some of your relationship issues and why they persist.
  • Career Perhaps you need some clarity on the direction of your career. The readers will look at information all the way from the time you were a child until the present in terms of how it relates to your path.
  • Business Questions or concerns about your business? The readers will look at your mission statement, your vision for your business, plus lots more.
  • Animal Animals are spirits in bodies, too, and they operate off of their issues just as we humans do! We are happy to read about the patterns of your pet and/or do some healing with a health issue.
  • House Sometimes a house, apartment or building needs a reading! Maybe the previous owner or renter has not left on a spiritual level, but you would like to have the house for yourself! Perhaps there is some energy that needs to be cleared out. Whatever it is, we can read it, too, and update the energy there.
  • Spiritual Are your life choices in affinity with the lessons you are here to learn? Find out more about your spiritual path and what it means in your life.

Staff readings

These readings may not follow a standard format and are appropriate when you desire a more private environment with a highly skilled professional. All of our staff readers have years of experience, training, and the highest standards of integrity.


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