Introduction to Meditation class

Learn powerful meditation tools that can positively affect your life immediately!

  • Explore tools for self-transformation and personal awareness
  • Listen to your own inner voice
  • Learn the most fundamental skills called grounding and centering
  • Meet both staff and students, get an idea of how and what we teach and find out all that is available to you
  • Explore your psychic abilities
  • Ask questions, experience our teaching methods, and try out your ability to visualize in a different way

Create your life for you

At Psychic Horizons, we talk a lot about creating your life for you. We teach that when you take time to create changes within yourself, you can direct your own path. What does that really mean?

Your spirit and your body working together is the real you. You as a spiritual being are your inner power and your inner voice. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you as spirit are directing and creating your life.

This means that you are already creating your life. What are you creating? Is it what you want? Are you doing so with awareness, with intention, and with all of your attention? In other words, are you conscious?

You can create your life for you! You owe it to yourself to incorporate your awareness into your life!

Tap into that spiritual power within you. Through meditation you use personal energy skills to lead, heal, & create various aspects of your life. Check out the schedule for the next Step 1 meditation class.


A school for meditation and healing

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