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Psychic Horizons, is a school for meditation and healing. Believing that everyone can benefit from meditation and energetic healings and should have access to these tools, the school offers a variety of events to suit individual needs.

From classes, to brief healings, to in-depth readings, the school has many ways for you to receive information that will benefit your sense of well-being and assist with your personal development.

While we believe there's invaluable benefit to attending our programs in person, distance need not be a reason to miss out on learning and healing. All programs are offered locally in the heart of San Francisco's mission district, or remotely via teleconferencing.

In addition to our free introduction to meditation class we offer every Tuesday night, we have healing clinics on Monday nights and the weekends, and you can always schedule a private reading.

Try our Step 1 basic meditation class to learn the fundamental skills of intergrated meditation.

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A school for meditation and healing

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