Healing clinics

Healing clinics provide an opportunity to get insight and healing on any issue you may be working on or want a neutral outside perspective on.

It is a quick reading and healing (about 20 minutes long), performed by the students and graduates of the Clairvoyant Training Program, and supervised by staff.

You are asked to provide one issue (one question) that you'd like information about. Then, the readers will look at your energy at the moment of your question and inform you of patterns, blocks and outside influences that are affecting you.

Monday Night Healing Clinic

You can come every Monday for a one-issue (one-question) reading and healing.

Two healing sessions, one at 7:00 pm, one at 7:30 pm. Must be there by 7:30 to receive a healing.

Monday clinics are free to current Psychic Horizons students. Local individual drop-in clients and long distant clients not in classes are asked for a $15 donation toward their healing.

Local walk-in & long distance appointments are on a first come first serve basis. Just drop in if you are local or pre-register for an off-site healing.

3rd Saturday Healing Clinic

The weekend clinics offered by Psychic Horizons are meant to encourage new people to experience our unique healing methods.

They provide:

  • A great opportunity to get a sampling of our work and the results of learning our tools
  • An introduction for friends and relatives to healing
  • Clarity and healing on a specific issue

This is a local event in San Francisco, no appointment necessary — just drop by for a healing!


A school for meditation and healing

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