Step 3 workshops & Courses

Every session we offer topic specific 2-hour workshops and 7-week focus courses on new topics to our students who have completed the Step 3 course. These workshops and courses provide the following benefits:

  • Community
  • Keeps skills fresh
  • Builds confidence in your ability to get your own information
  • Daily meditations — a chance to use what you know on an individual basis, and have staff and group support
  • Expands usage of skills by focusing on specific topics of interest


1-Day Workshop

$70 Full payment

“You could be luckier”... Scarcity and Abundance
A friend once said to me, “You could be luckier”. Initially, I was shocked, then annoyed, and finally I realized that she was probably right. So what is luck? Is it a question of belief, attitude, circumstance, or intention? Or is there something else to it? Ask yourself, are you lucky? And what do your pictures of luck look like? Maybe you think in terms of beliefs such as “Beginners luck”, or “Some people have all the luck.” So many pictures describe lucky and unlucky people and situations. The intention of this class is to look at the energy of luck, your pictures about scarcity and abundance, and what limits you from receiving luck, unexpected good fortune, or gifts from the Universe.

Wednesday • Feb 28 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Rev. Deb Blackburn

7-Week course

$345 Full Payment

$71 Weeks 1-5 Installments

7 weeks, 7 Chakras
We’ll take each class and look in depth one chakra at a time. Get in touch with your first, dive into your second. make friends with your third, get in affinity with your fourth, communicate with your 5th, gain new perspectives on your 6th and of course get to know your 7th. Learn some things maybe you hadn’t seen before and bring them all together in your body.

Tuesdays • Mar 13 to Apr 24 • 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Rev. Tom Connelly


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