Clairvoyant training

We offer the Clairvoyant Training Program for those individuals who have completed Step 3. You must desire to have a more in depth understanding of how energy works in your own life and how to heal others.

The clairvoyant training program at Psychic Horizons is designed to develop your psychic abilities, which are a very powerful tool to bring spiritual awareness into everyday life.

Course structure

Clairvoyant training is an eighteen-month program which meets once a week with additional participation requirements.

  • Monday night class - new information, process and ask questions
  • Readings - learn to recognize and apply energy work as you discover the direct correlation to your everyday life
  • Daily meditations - a chance to use what you know on an individual basis, yet still have staff and group support
  • Staff support - our excellent staff is here to support you on your path and to help you recognize and change your patterns

Skills developed

The goal of the training is to present the following skills and to help you develop them in yourself.

  • New healing techniques
  • Understanding mock-ups and havingness
  • How to translate colors in the aura
  • How to go to the Akashic Records
  • The in and the out of body experience
  • The principals of neutrality
  • Boundaries of self and separations
  • Responsibility for yourself and your agreements
  • See your meditations as a way to lead and direct your life
  • Know that there is a spiritual foundation to all that we are
  • Become a person who is very capable, competent and independent in energy work
  • Make connections between your inner life and your outer life through practice and consistent use
  • Become comfortable with your own spiritual energy in your body
  • Know that there is a spiritual foundation to all that we are
  • Have self-awareness and self-direction
  • Create change from within
  • Have access to your information at all times
  • Permission for acceptance and change
  • Self-affinity, enthusiasm, amusement and compassion
  • Respect for self and others


Students must have completed all foundation classes, through Step 3.

The Program is taught by Revs. Tim Michaels, Judy Tergis and Laura Hopper.

An interview required before admittance, please call (415) 643-8800 or email for more info.


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