Tithing — another tax deductible opportunity

Thank you in advance for tithing! You really help us to do this very important work. You can read the tithing article below to understand the value of tithing.

You may tithe in two ways:

  1. Regularly
  2. When you can
  1. To tithe regularly: Decide how much you would like to tithe. For example, you can donate $10/month, $25/month, $50/month, $100/month, etc. Call us with a credit card number and we will charge your card on a monthly basis; or send in a check on a monthly basis; or use Paypal to make your monthly title.
  2. When you can: Choose how much you would like to donate whenever you can, using the same options as listed above.

A Tithing Primer

Rev. Tom Rippy

Tithing is a spiritual discipline which allows you to practice and experience the Universal law of Abundance. Here are 10 basic concepts for tithing that I utilize:

  1. Tithing is for you, not God.
    Tithing is a spiritual process much like meditation, that leads you into a more expansive view of the Infinite Abundance of God. God does not need your money, yet the spiritual organization that you tithe to does. The act of giving to a spiritual organization is a demonstration of your gratitude to that organization, for providing you with a source of spiritual substance.
  2. God is the source of your abundance.
    Divine Intelligence is forever beckoning to you with ideas, concepts, and insights that will exploit, challenge, and demonstrate your creative expression. Those ideas, concepts, and insights are the source of your abundance -- not the amount of money in your bank account.
  3. Tithing is magical, not magic.
    There is a lot of superstitious energy that surrounds tithing, so that at times, and by some people, tithing is understood as a bribe paid to God. Tithing is not a bribe-tithing creates a vacuum, so what seems like magic is just the Universe filling that vacuum.
  4. Give ten percent of your income to a spiritual source.
    Tithe means ten or tenth, to begin you may give ten percent from your net income, but don't change the percent-it complicates the process. The goal is to give ten percent from your gross income; before taxes, be- fore savings, before the rent. This part of the process demonstrates your faith in God.
  5. Give ten percent of your income to yourself in the form of savings.
    This part of tithing seems to be overlooked the most often. This part of the process demonstrates your commitment to your financial well-being.
  6. Be prepared.
    Once the practice of tithing is undertaken, your firmly held beliefs and stuck energy around money will be stirred up and challenged. The reason is that they are not in alignment with your actions, so there may be periods of financial difficulties until those old patterns are released.
  7. Honesty, Amends, and Forgiveness.
    To clean up your past with your money allows you to be in present time with your finances. A way to be in present time with your finances is to make amends and practice forgiveness. The misuse of money is about manipulation which results in shame and low self worth. Making amends means making a change in your behavior/actions whereby you take responsibility for your past actions, and make restitution where appropriate. The practice of forgiving yourself and others allows you to fully embrace who you are, which allows you to see your own perfection.
  8. Open your heart to receive and practice gratitude.
    As you release your old beliefs and concepts about prosperity, practice gratitude as it will allow your heart to open and you can accept the inflow of God's Infinite Abundance. As the Bible states, "As you give, so shall you receive," be mindful of the energy level from which you give as it will be from that energy level you will receive. Practicing gratitude sets the tone for cheerful receiving and joyous giving.
  9. Be Consistent.
    Once started, consistent giving allows for consistent receiving.
  10. Mastery.
    Mastery is a State of Being in which the perceived separation between giving and receiving dissolves. This is beautifully illustrated with the breath. On the inhale, we receive oxygen which trees release into the atmosphere and as we exhale, we give carbon dioxide into the air which trees need for their existence, just as we need the release. The law of Abundance reminds us of our interdependence-that my good and your good work together for the benefit of all. Isn't this what living in a state of grace is all about?


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