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Dedicated and experienced

The staff at Psychic Horizons all share a committment to foster growth and change in a safe and structured environment. That committment has been made in the form of 1840 hours of training and supervised practice over a 4-year period before becoming teachers. In addition, staff members continually hone their intuitive skills through their daily participation with students and each other, and their own personal meditation practice.

Rev. Laura Hopper, Founder and Director

Laura was raised in Iran by missionary parents and has lived in various parts of the United States. In college she was involved in politics and was heading for law school. However, she came to San Francisco instead. She began working in an investment banking firm and was dragged to a meditation class by a friend. "As soon as I walked in the door of that first class I know that's what I would do with my life."

"People ask me why I got into this line of work. Initially, I didn't know except that it seemed like my calling. Previously I had tried to meditate on my own but did not feel like I was getting anywhere. I needed tools to meditate and I have discovered that other people do, too. I have changed from being an insecure, depressed person into someone with confidence, able to work well with people. I love watching the changes people go through - and the practical impact on their lives - by using this meditation for themselves."

Rev. Deborah Blackburn

Deborah lives in San Francisco and is an enthusiastic swimmer, reader, fabric artist and filmster who travels far and wide.

"Life is a blank canvas and we have the power to create ourselves and our world through our vision. My meditation practice at Psychic Horizons has helped me to intuitively paint both the picture of who I am and who I intend to become through two major life transitions in the past twenty years. Truly amazing work!"

Rev. Michelle Comeau

Michelle is retired from a supervisory position with UPS. She has sung with classical, rock and bluegrass music groups. She loves walking, reading and gardening, and is an avid world traveler.

"I have more self-confidence and have let go of a lot of apathy and pessimism. I have much less fear. These tools and spiritual concepts resonate for me - I love watching students heal themselves; I appreciate their strength, it is inspiring."

Rev. Paul Gifford

Paul Gifford currently works as a Construction Cost Estimator for Kaiser Permanente.

"I first came to Psychic Horizons as a Step 1 student in 1992, because my girlfriend threatened to drop me if I didn't go. We got married right after Step 1, and I've been with her and Psychic Horizons ever since. I'm the son of two Freudian psychoanalysts, raised on skepticism and hyper-analysis. I've spent the past 12 years learning over and over that the meditation skills I've acquired are a much better way to get answers that work, every time.
"When I first came to Psychic Horizons, I was awed by the certainty and the kindness of all the staff. I remain grateful that I have the opportunity to be part of that group, and so can learn from every student I have the chance to teach."

Rev. Tim Michaels, Director of Church Operations

Tim Michaels has been a staff minister and teacher since 1988 and is the Director of Church Operations. Tim has had a private bodywork practice since 1984.

"Teaching at Psychic Horizons continues to be my personal Fantastic Voyage of Spiritual Growth. Each session is another cycle. The more I teach the more I learn, the more I give the more I receive. By teaching tools for self knowledge, transformation, empowerment and inner communication, I am truly reaping what I sow. I love it."

Rev. Don Narin

"My participation with Psychic Horizons has been of great benefit to me. I have learned and experienced that it is my perspective that shapes my life and my reactions to life. The meditation practice that I do allows me to keep going deeper in seeing how I create my life. With this understanding and awareness, I am able to make choices that serve me, my family and the world in a more productive and fulfilling way. I am happier, more fulfilled and I know that I am on my own path."

Rev. Judy Tergis

Judy is the mother of four children and has owned her own computer store as well as managed other businesses. She began teaching at Psychic Horizons in 1988. She has also taught meditation tools to corporate clients.

"We teach what we wish to learn. That's why I've been teaching others to develop their psychic awareness since 1988."

Rev. Bruce van Horn

Bruce is a project manager for a small non-profit corporation and is a published poet and author. He began teaching at Psychic Horizons in 1994, including doing outside workshops for special interest groups such as churches and writers' groups. His main hobbies are music and singing.

"By being at Psychic Horizons, I've gained increased presence of mind, increased spiritual clarity and enhanced joy in my life. I've learned to see the relationship of spirituality to daily life and how to use that understanding. Being a part of another person's spiritual growth helps me continue to grow myself, and that's why I enjoy teaching."

Rev. Tom Connelly

Tom is a graphic artist and musician joining the Psychic Horizon’s staff in 2007.

"Way back in 2000, I bought a book on how to meditate but found it hard to close my eyes and read. My training at the Psychic Horizons opened up my experience. I was and still am amazed that there is such a practical side to spiritual work; that being a spirit isn’t separate from my everyday life experiences. I can have both a spirit and a body and that life flourishes when I recognize them working together."

Rev. Philippe Jestin

Philippe is a visual artist working and leaving in San Francisco.

"Coming to Psychic Horizons as a student in 2003 I experienced from the environment created by the staff a great level of permission to grow as a human being. Now being part of the staff and teaching at the school since 2007 I realize how important it is to be at this energy level of permission and non judgment. In this energetic space and with enthusiasm, helping people with their own spiritual growth becomes quite a precious experience."

Rev. Lawrence Nallan

“I love watching the changes people go through – and the practical impact on their lives - by using this type of meditation for themselves.”


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