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Psychic Horizons is a school for meditation and healing, and the teaching division of the Church of Natural Grace. We seek to empower indivduals to be the source of change in their own lives, by teaching a unique suite of transformational tools. And, we've been doing this work for over 20 years.


Psychic Horizons and the Church of Natural Grace began as courses in the home of Reverend Laura Hopper. Rev. Hopper knew since 1975 that she would develop a seminary. In 1977 she began teaching courses, as well as doing private readings and healing work. The work was formalized in February 1981 when Psychic Horizons and the Church of Natural Grace became formally incorporated.

The Church held its first service in July 1981 and hasn't stopped. Services offer opportunities to feel close to yourself and others in the community through meditation, prayer and song. Learn more about our church services in the public programs area of the site.

Energy Is creative

The philosophy behind Psychic Horizons is simple yet powerful. You are spirit in a body, and your spiritual reality is the foundation for who you are and what you experience as a human being.

Our meditation practice is based on the premise that your personal energy system is the conduit between spirit and body, shaping your life experience. By teaching you to become aware of the energy in your body, we create the opportunity to shift your experience.

Integrated programs

We invite everyone to learn our simple meditation tools through a structured set of three foundation classes. In addition to a focused class curriculum, we offer workshops and readings. These various approaches are all designed to give you access to your own information about your self and your life.

Learning these tools in a meditation format makes all the difference. This translates into:

  • Shorter time needed to achieve desired results: It bypasses all the layers of past conditioning and habits that reduce the speed at which you can learn life transformation tools.
  • Lasting Results: You have direct access to the source of the beliefs and behaviors that you want to change.

Moreover, you have access to these powerful tools at a fraction of the price of traditional approaches.

"For years I was dependent on therapy without much in the way of results. Just taking the first three meditation courses have made me feel like I could drop therapy. I found out that some of what I thought were my problems were actually issues belonging to my parents and others around me."

See for yourself by attending a free introduction to meditation class. Start creating the life you want today.


A school for meditation and healing

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