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As the Director here at Psychic Horizons, I want to welcome you to our site.

I have devoted my whole life and energy to teaching people, just like yourself, how to recreate their lives in a way that works for them. I have done this because I was able to change my own life so drastically as a result of learning how to meditate effectively.

Almost 30 years ago…

Almost 30 years ago I found myself in a position of feeling directionless. I had moved to San Francisco, where I had some friends, because I felt I could no longer grow where I was living in Louisville, Kentucky. I felt disconnected from my previous interests, which were politics and the law. I was also very not interested in religion, as I had been brought up by my missionary parents in Iran, and I had disassociated myself from that belief system many years before.

Looking for easy to use tools

An acquaintance from work introduced me to meditation. She suggested I read a book about it, which I did. I tried to practice on my own, but did not feel like I was getting anywhere. I was working at General Hospital and then at an investment banking firm, but did not feel fulfilled in my job.

I was also looking for a way to find a purpose for myself, and also to heal from a lot of anger I carried around, which manifested frequently in depression. I was looking for some tools that would be easy to use and effective. A neighbor dragged me to a meditation class, although I resisted going because I thought it would be some sort of cult. What I discovered instead was that as soon as I walked in the door, I knew I had found what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

Psychic meditation brought me the results I was looking for

The meditation tools were simple enough that I could use them every day. I was able to work with my issues in a way that were not only effective but exciting. I was also able to introduce myself to a form of spiritual communication that was personal to me.

25 years spent developing, perfecting and teaching practical psychic meditation tools so that other people, just like you, can experience the benefits I had experienced

I decided to invest myself in this approach and spent about two years studying psychic meditation. I was fascinated by the work and had tremendous success with the methodology.

I began teaching classes in my apartment in 1977, and a few years later, in 1981, Psychic Horizons/Church of Natural Grace was founded. This school was born out of a vision of a school with integrity and clean energy, where every person could learn to take responsibility for their own lives, and choose for themselves to change and heal.

Today, over 2,600 people of all walks of life have learned and use these tools to create the life they want

One of our students was a successful financial analyst, making a good income, when he began to develop chronic fatigue syndrome. He became so fatigued that he was no longer able to work a full time job. Through his meditations, he realized that he was ill because he was doing what his father expected him to do rather than what he really wanted to do. His personal passion was acting. His father had not wanted him to pursue it, because his father felt there was no money in it.

After a few months of personal work, this student was able to make new choices for his life. He decided to go to acting school in London. His illness began to disappear. He completed acting school and returned to the US, where he began a career in the theater. Today he is healthy, and enjoys a successful and happy acting career.

The tools we offer are very easy to use, and extremely powerful

Not long ago a well-known opera singer and his wife came to Psychic Horizons for a reading. After the reading, I gave him one of our business cards, on which appears a “One Minute Meditation, Get Yourself Back Together”.

That night, before an important performance the next day, his wife woke up in the middle of the night with a terrific backache. She was suffering terribly and unable to sleep. Because he was caring for her and trying to help her, he was unable to sleep either. He decided he could not perform the opera the next day.

Then he remembered the “One Minute Meditation” on the back of the business card. He and his wife decided to do the meditation together. His wife’s back pain alleviated to the extent that they were both able to fall back asleep. He gave a phenomenal performance at the opera the next day. I know, because I was there.

The philosophy behind Psychic Horizons is simple yet powerful

You are spirit in a body, and your spiritual reality is the foundation for who you are and what you experience as a human being. There are several factors that influence how you manifest who you are and what you experience. They are:

  • The openness of communication between your spirit and body:
    When these two aspects of yourself are not integrated, you seem to have little control over your life. Things you don’t want in your life happen, and what you want seems impossible to manifest, no matter what you do.
  • Other influences coming from people and past events in your life are affecting you and your capacity to create.
  • You are creating according to the predominant energy in your space:
    Your desires, fears, resentments, past experiences, memories, and habit patterns are charged energetically. Your life becomes richer when you become aware of this, and consciously choose where you want to invest your energy.

When you become more aware of how you are creating your life, you can make new choices. Sometimes you like what you are creating, sometimes you don’t. Once you understand how you create, you can then change your patterns of creating. You can separate yourself from all the influences around you and make your own energy and information available to you. This will affect every aspect of your life. You can live more from who you are in the present than who you used to be in the past, more from your own energy than someone else’s.

Again, don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. We offer you many RISK-FREE ways to begin to experience the benefits of Psychic Horizons’ meditations. I would also recommend a Step 1 Meditation course (Your Energy Creates Your Life) as a first step towards your own personal creation.

Wishing you well on your path,

Rev. Laura Hopper


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